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Other property & Business we operate 

         Business in Thailand , Bangkok
  • We own all the Business that we operare including the Property, our policy is not to operate any business on rented property.
  • Company founded by Abdul Rasheed, in 1920's
  • A flower trading shop at Chidambaram that was started in 1970's by Mr.Abdul Rasheed is still running, this was his humble begening of his own business.(Read More)
  • We own and operate,  Indian Restaurant Name Spice Land Restaurant, in the Heart of Bangkok, Thailand,
  • And 50 Room Confertable Motel in the same building name as www.centaurinn.com
  • A Jewelry Store in Heart of Bangkok, Name Eurostar Jewelry co.,Ltd
  • A Gem and Jewelry Online Auction Portal eHotBid.com
  • A Gem shop in Bangkok, in Gem and jewelry district, Sampathawong, Bangkok, Thailand.

                                               Business in India

All this business is running sucessfully, even after Mr.Abdul Rasheed's Death, Because of his divine power and His Son's

Life at Chennai,  

I Love chennai, Hustling and Busling city.
Basically you can conduct business in India Just Sitting in any part of India.
Now india is well connected.
Our facility is located very near to Nilgiris Super Market, Next to Hotel Saravana Bavan, (Best South India Vegetarian Food in the World)

Having a Mobile Phone,
and a Lap Top all you need to business in India.

  If your in to programming or web based programmers.
This is the best place you can find all the coders,
at very resonable price per month
Right here in Chennai

More to Come soon!